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Tim Nunnemaker | April 10, 2014



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There are not a lot of things more enjoyable and relaxing than doing a bit of yoga on the beach (that is, if you are a fan of yoga!), but before you can go out there and start in with your yoga, you will need to make sure you are taking the proper steps to properly do yoga on the beach.


One mistake a lot of people make is that they try to do yoga on the beach in the same clothes they would usually wear to the beach, but instead of going out there in a small bikini, it would be much smarter to wear the clothes you usually wear for yoga, as this will ensure that you are comfortable and have a full range of motion without showing off more of your body than you might have intended to.


You should also keep in mind the fact that yoga is meant to be relaxing, but if you end up on a part of the beach with a lot of kids running around or college students drinking and yelling, you will find that it is not at all relaxing; choose a flat area – preferably with packed sand, such as you will find after the tide has gone out – that is far enough away from all the other action of the beach that you will be able to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.


And although you will often hear yogis advising you to face the sun when you are doing yoga – especially when you are doing yoga outside – doing yoga on the beach certainly allows you to break this rule, as facing the ocean while doing your yoga can provide the optimal amount of relaxation and unwinding; if you find this to be the case for yourself, do not worry about where the sun is so much as you worry about where the ocean is.


By making sure you are keeping these things in mind, you will be able to enjoy some yoga on the beach that will help you unwind and relax like nearly nothing else can!


Tim Nunnemaker | April 10, 2014



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Oral hygiene is one of the easiest forms of hygiene to practice, but many neglect it. Maybe they neglect their oral hygiene simply because it is so easy to keep good oral hygiene. Perhaps it is because of the fact that the negative effects of neglecting oral hygiene do not show up until much later that so many people end up neglecting it. Or, perhaps it is because some people have never even learned the importance of oral hygiene that they end up neglecting it. Whatever the case, it is absolutely necessary that we understand the importance of oral hygiene. And for those of us who have children, we must also realize the importance of making the seriousness of good oral hygiene clear to them.


At the absolute root of good oral hygiene is the importance of brushing our teeth. While it is most optimal to brush after every time you eat, it is at least important to brush every morning and night. While most everyone is aware of the fact that they should brush, too many people neglect to do so. Most who neglect to brush end up passing on their nighttime brushing. But actually, nighttime brushing is the most important brushing of the day! When you brush your teeth at night, you prevent your teeth from rotting due to food sitting on them all night long.


In addition to brushing, mouthwash is an important aspect of oral hygiene. Using mouthwash only takes about 30 seconds, and it kills tons of germs that can cause cavities, gum disease, and other afflictions.


Even for those people who do a good job keeping up with their brushing and mouthwashing, many fail to floss. It seems that many believe brushing and mouthwashing take the place of flossing, but this is not the case. In fact, flossing is the most important element of oral hygiene! There is food between your teeth that flossing can get rid of, and that brushing and using mouthwash cannot. You will ensure that your teet stay in your mouth for a long, long time if you floss each day.


Because the negative effects of neglecting good oral hygiene do not show up for a long, long time, you should familiarize yourself with what these negative effects are. It will become far easier for you to keep up with your oral hygiene once you realize what the consequences of not keeping up with your oral hygiene are. And once you know these things, you will also be more likely to pass the knowledge along!


Tim Nunnemaker | April 9, 2014



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Once you’ve made your mind up to start a exercise, you have to have the strength to finish it. Forming good habits can be life altering. Whatever activity feels right and natural to us, we tend to engage in it. In fact, those actions associated with unpleasant feelings are the ones we spend a lifetime trying to avoid.


Habits that stick take 30 days or longer to develop. Want to look great and feel great too?  Increase the amount of physical activity you squeeze into your day. The body has the ability to produce endorphins, feel-good, natural stress relievers which can help you feel the strength needed to finish your fitness routine routine.


With that said, it’s important to understand why you are working out in the first place. Cardio fitness routine five days a week for 30 minutes a day can save your life. This can help you live a long and healthy life which is certainly an incentive for making fitness routine a daily activity. In fact, a GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike can help you to do just that.GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike



Exercising often can also help you fight the battle of the bulge. Say goodbye to your fat pants because your new waistline is here to stay! Being in good physical shape will allow you to enjoy greater levels of success and self-esteem. You’ll feel like a million bucks because you’re regularly exercising. You’ll rest easier at night, have increased energy and stamina, and a greater appreciation for life.


Don’t forget these things when it comes to your exercise. To be successful at any goal that you set for yourself, you’ve got to have a plan. Setting small, obtainable goals will help you achieve more in less time. Anyone can be physically fit. Give fitness routine your all and see how it changes your life. Put your plan into action and see where it takes you.

Uncategorized | April 9, 2014



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Making sure you are eating a healthy amount of food is one of the most important things for you to do if you want to stay healthy – not too little, and not too much – but one problem a lot of people have is that they end up overeating, and while solving this problem largely will have to come down to someone’s self-discipline and a decision to simply not overeat, there are still a number of things that you can keep in mind to help you prevent yourself from overeating.


The fact that they are extremely hungry by the time they sit down for meals is one reason why people tend to overeat, and then – due to their busy schedule – they eat quickly, which causes their body to be full long before their mind registers this; in order to avoid this, one thing to consider doing is snacking throughout the days – filling up on things such as fruit and trail mix in between meals, so that your body will not be nearly so hungry by the time you finally get a chance to sit down and have a meal.



Working to make “not overeating” a habit is another great way to keep yourself from overeating; once you start doing this, you may actually find that overeating has become a habit for you, which means you will have to break one habit and create another, but the best way to do this is by putting smaller portions on your plate for each meal than you are used to, then forcing yourself to not go back for seconds – doing this for a couple weeks, until it becomes natural for you.


And simply educating yourself on the intricacies of health and the ways in which food relates to health is perhaps the best way of all to keep yourself from overeating. As you learn more about the relationship between food and your health, it will become easier for you to not overeat, as you will start understanding that healthy eating habits will go a long way in giving you a healthier body and mind – which, of course, will go a long way in giving you a more satisfying life!


Uncategorized | April 9, 2014

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Uncategorized | April 9, 2014



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Almost everyone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle; after all, without a healthy lifestyle, you never feel like you are living life to its fullest potential. Without a healthy lifestyle pushing you forward, you will likely find that you feel sluggish and unmotivated, and that your body is prone to illness. Those who lead a healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, are more likely to have energy and motivation! At the same time, however, many people struggle to keep their lifestyle healthy. A lot of these people feel this way because they make the mistake of trying to do too much at once! Starting small is the best way to kick off a healthy lifestyle. Change the little things, and the big things will follow.


The first thing you need to do to lead a healthy lifestyle is this: watch what goes into your body! While plenty of people understand this step and know how important it is, they do not understand exactly what they should and should not put into their bodies. For instance, while most poeple understand that smoking and drinking in excess are unhealthy, they do not know the difference between bad fat and good fat, or between bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. Take the time to study up on these smaller, more subtle areas, and your body will notice the difference.


Exercise is also a big step people should pay attention to if they want to lead a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to exercise, many people fail to follow through on their good intentions. If your workout plan calls for you to visit the gym each day of the week, for an hour each time, you’ll probably scrap the whole thing pretty quickly! Instead, you should aim small at first. Plan ten minutes a day on three or four days of the week. In time, you can increase this, and your body will feel noticeably different.


Finally, you need to keep in mind the importance of sleep. While this is an easy step for some, it is much more difficult for others! In the long run – even for those who feel like they are “losing hours” when they sleep eight hours each night – extra sleep will make a big difference!


While it is very easy to neglect your body’s health, it is just as easy to learn to take care of your body. Follow these simple tips, and get your body on the track to health.

Tim Nunnemaker | April 8, 2014



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There are two reasons why the statement “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is true: Firstly, it is true because, when it comes time for breakfast, you have been sleeping all night and will literally be “breaking a fast”; Secondly, it is true because your breakfast foods will be the foods you are starting your day with! While many people are “too busy” to eat breakfast (which is certainly a bad thing), lots of other people decide that they are “too busy” to eat a healthy breakfast (which is almost as bad!).


Even as busy as you might be, you should never begin your day eating something like a doughnut or a pastry; because you have not eaten in a while, your body will store the fat from these foods, and furthermore, these foods provide you with nothing but empty calories!


Eating oats is an excellent way to begin your day, as oats give you energy and are also good for your body; oatmeal is, of course, a great way to get oats at the start of the day, but if you do not like oatmeal, try eating an oat bar or a bowl of cereal.



Another great way to start your day is with yogurt; rather than purchasing sugar-filled yogurt that is really nothing more than a dessert, however, take the time to shop for some organic yogurt that is actually healthy, as this will be a great way for you to start the morning!


Of course, fruit is a tremendous choice for breakfast, and like most of these other foods, fruit is easy to bring with you on the road – which means you can eat it even if you are “too busy” to make yourself breakfast!



Once you begin to kick off your morning with these foods, you will feel a big difference in your energy throughout the day, and your body will start to be much healthier than it had been before!


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Uncategorized | April 8, 2014



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When it comes to “hot drinks,” chai tea is certainly among the most popular, but drinking chai can get to be expensive (a problem a lot of people deal with when it comes to drinking coffee as well), and the main reason why this is the case is that chai simply “does not taste the same” when they make it at home; if you love chai, but are tired of spending so much money to buy it, here are the things you will need to know for making great chai at home.


As is the case with any form of tea, a good cup of chai tea starts with the tea leaves, and if you want your tea to taste good, you will need to make sure you are buying good tea leaves; your best bet for finding good chai tea leaves is to buy loose leaf tea from a local shop that prepares its own mix (realizing, of course, that you will also need to buy a diffuser – which are typically under $10 – as well).


After you have brought water close to a boil, put about a tablespoon of tea leaves into the diffuser per every six ounces of water you are using, and dunk the diffuser into the tea, stirring it for a few seconds, and then allowing it to steep for about five minutes.



After you have allowed the tea to steep for five minutes, you can remove the diffuser from the water (giving it a few dunks first, if you like a slightly stronger flavor), and can then sample the tea to gauge the taste; add heated cream and honey/sugar to desired taste, and enjoy!


When you use this approach for preparing your chai tea, you will be able to enjoy a delicious, relaxing beverage, without having to pay the exorbitant prices charged for a cup of chai at a coffee house; in the long run, this will save you quite a bit of money, and will make your time a whole lot easier!


Tim Nunnemaker | April 8, 2014



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You’ve got friends who are healthier than you who casually mention detoxing, but perhaps you haven’t had the courage to ask what detoxing is? Detoxification is the active purifying of the body, performed as an internal cleanse. After a detox effort, people say they feel cleansed, restored, stripped free of excess weight, and more energetic.


Why do people participate in detox programs? You come in contact with all kinds of toxins as you go about your regular routine. Think about it: depending on where you live, you may have to deal with smoke, smog, chemicals, pesticides, alcohol, preservatives, and a variety of body-function clogging foods. Pollution builds up in our bodies, forcing our systems to deal with more chemicals and waste products than we were designed to handle. Detox programs help you remove excess waste so your body can recover from this stress.


How do you detox? You’ll want to limit your intake of toxins by avoiding smoke, running an air purifier, buying a water filter, and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and fat for the duration of your detox program. You’ll want to switch to an oragnic fruit and vegetable diet for a while, allowing your body a break from processing meat, dairy, preservatives, and chemicals. You’ll want to drink plenty of water and tea.


What promotes the release of excess waste products? Both water and senna tea effectively stimulate regularity and help your body flush toxins from a cellular level. Keep your diet mostly raw fruit and vegetables. Many people choose to juice during a detox session, or to live on the Master Cleanse lemonade concoction of lemon juice, water, pure maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. Set a period of time for your cleanse so you will have the self control to finish out the commitment.


Don’t jump off the bandwagon and back into unhealthy eating habits right away or you’ll jolt your system. Detox whenever you start to feel sluggish or weighed down.